Bioclimatic pergola 5M

Bioclimatic pergola 5M in aluminum, thought, conceived and created at Art Home Alu. 5 meters is a very comfortable width for a bioclimatic pergola installed on a garden terrace. You wish to be advised or to receive a free and non-binding quote ?

With the 5M bioclimatic pergola – ART HOME ALU, you choose a top-of-the-range product, made in France in the north of Alsace.

Our mastery of the manufacturing process allows us to offer you the 5M bioclimatic pergola, which comes in about thirty models, all custom-made. With an ART HOME ALU pergola you can also benefit from integrated blinds.

What is the lifespan of a 5M bioclimatic pergola?

At ART HOME ALU, each bioclimatic pergola is designed, tested and assembled by specialists trained in this highly technical product. The design of a 5M bioclimatic pergola is the result of years of work in the form of various tests of each of the elements that make up the pergola.

The structure of the pergola is guaranteed for 20 years! But its lifespan is much longer!

Is my 5M bioclimatic pergola motorized?

Yes, the slats of your pergola as well as the blinds are motorized so that you can control their orientation as you wish. You control the climate of your terrace! At least its sunshine … Protecting you from heat or too much sunshine.

The 5M bioclimatic pergola is available in a full range of matte, glossy or sanded colors. You can choose from over 300 colors for your ART HOME ALU pergola. The installation of a 5M bioclimatic pergola is very simple. It takes about a day to install. It is carried out by one of our authorized ART HOME ALU dealers.

What are the options of a 5M bioclimatic pergola?

    • The options are many and varied, some standard depending on the model, others not:
  • Motorized awnings integrated into the structure of the pergola
  • Motorized roof slats, allowing you to vary their inclination
  • A huge choice of over 300 colors
  • An ingenious rainwater drainage system
  • RGB LED lighting
  • LED spotlights
  • Glass partitions
  • An adjustable 2000W heating system
  • Radio remote control
  • Bluetooth sound system
  • Decorative stainless steel inserts