Options for Bioclimatic Pergolas

Personalise and Accessorise Your Pergola as Desired


Options: Choose a New Generation of Bioclimatic Roofs Combining Design and Innovation

These outstanding models are jam-packed with technological features, allowing you to instantly adjust sun infiltration, create refreshing ventilation when it’s hot out, and provide protection from the weather all year round (rain, snow and wind).

Thanks to our large choice of classic or contemporary models, this unique structure has a place on your patio, beside your pool or in your garden.

Depending on the pergola model you choose, it can be equipped and customised via our different customisation options.

  • 300 RAL colours for the structure
  • Louvres come in colours or a wood finish effect
  • LUXSKY skylight
  • Peripheral lighting and/or lighting embedded in louvres
  • Automatic sliding blinds
  • Sliding glass walls
  • Adjustable privacy screens
  • Sliding decorative panels
  • Heating system
  • Sound system
  • 220 V / USB outlets


Motorised Blinds up to 7 m Wide to Keep You Protected!

Integrated or Encased Blinds Depending on the Pergola Model Selected

Add vertical blinds to your pergola, allowing you to enjoy all the comfort of your patio regardless of the sun’s direction. Simply by pressing a button on your remote control, you can open and close your blinds with ease.

Your safety is our top priority.

The sleeve guidance system allows blinds to remain attached, even on windy days. All of our blinds have an automatic obstacle detection system that stops and protects your fabric as it goes down.

All of our fabrics are Class M1 flame retardant, protected from UV rays (up to 96%), bacteria resistant and conserve indoor air quality (VOCs).


Light up Your Evenings

Whether as an LED strip around the edges or via LEDs embedded in louvres, LED lighting is perfect for illuminating your patio.

Our LED lighting solutions, which are perfectly designed and sized to fit your pergola, allow you to create your desired ambiance thanks to our white or RGB LED strips.Do you need to light up your space? Our LED lights embedded in louvres offer you maximum comfort, with an intensity that can be adjusted via remote control.


Options: Looking for Something Colourful?

Our pergolas are available in 300 RAL colours and finishes (matte, shine, or fine structured). Optional or standard colours are available for the LUX Integral.

You can also choose the louvre colour from a colour chart with 20 options, or can also choose a wood finish effect. Our thermo-lacquering comes with a 10-year warranty.

Sliding Glass or Cut Sheet Metal Walls

Glass Walls – 10 mm Securit Glass

Protect yourself from the wind, the weather and noise thanks to our high-quality glass walls. Made of secure 10 mm glass, glass walls create the comfortable cocoon of your dreams, all the while letting light shine through your bioclimatic pergola.

Cut Sheet Metal Privacy Screens

Well-protected against invasive gazes or in order to cut yourself off from unpleasant surroundings, our cut sheet metal walls are both elegant and practical. They add an original touch to your outdoor living space.

Adjustable Privacy Panels

An elegant and sober way to isolate a part of your bioclimatic pergola. By pivoting the wooden slats, you decide the degree of shading.