Bioclimatic pergola

The bioclimatic pergola has been the flagship product for the terraces of individual houses for the past few years.

A real living space, the bioclimatic pergola has benefited in recent years from the technological advances applied to closure products.

Why should you choose a bioclimatic pergola?

Well, first of all, to enjoy its terrace! You will no longer be caught off guard by climatic variations. The bioclimatic pergola concept allows you to protect yourself from the sun and rain in any season. Our integrated climate management system will provide you with unequalled comfort.

With its electronically controlled and motorized slats, there are 4 modes adapting to the conditions at any given moment that will allow you to fully enjoy your tranquility.

How does a pergola with adjustable slats work?

A luminosity sensor associated with a wind sensor (anemometer) and a heat sensor manages the opening and closing of the slats. In case of rain, the slats close automatically, then open when the sun returns.

You can, of course, control the tilt of the slats of your ART HOME ALU bioclimatic pergola yourself using your specially programmed remote control.

How is my ART HOME ALU bioclimatic pergola made?

We design your custom pergola, entirely personalized to your tastes and desires, so that it fits perfectly into your outdoor space.

One of our local installers will come to your home to draw up precise specifications, based on your wishes and the level of customization desired. Whether attached to the house or free-standing, you can combine several modules, adjust the dimensions according to your needs and personalize it with a wide range of sleek design decorations or technological gems.

You have only one contact person because each step of your project, from the taking of measurements to the final installation, is carried out by the same installer, specially trained and certified by ART HOME ALU. Professionalism and quality of service are guaranteed.

Your pergola is designed in our factory in Soufflenheim – Alsace. Its aluminum structure is time-proof. Your bioclimatic pergola with reinforced beams and slats is guaranteed for 20 years!